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Evangelical Spanish-German Church, Maspalomas – El Tablero
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We are a place of encounter to meet with God, with others and with yourself

Our mission and values

Our mission is to lead people who are far from God to be devoted disciples of Christ.

1. We exist to serve Christ


Loving God with all your heart

That people wholeheartedly love God – that is the focus of our work in the Church. We understand that the central mission of our church is to extend this love to as many people as possible, to give expression to it and to strengthen it.

Worship, Spirituality

What does this mean for us? Personal Healing – Inner Growth – Living with the Word of God and the Holy Spirit

2 Pet 3:18 / 1 Cor 1:9 / 1 Thes 4:1-8 / Eph 4:10-13

Goal: Growing in relationship with Christ

2. We exist to serve each other

Living together

Only in the Christian church can the believer develop the full potential that God has given him or her. That is why we are called as Christians to live in community, to accompany each other, to lift each other up and to help each other with affection.


What does this mean for us?
Brotherly love for each other                

 1Cor 13 / Gal 5 /Jn 13:34,35

Goal: Growth of the relations between us

3.We exist to serve others

Getting to know God

The living relationship to God is the key to all that the Christian faith has in store for people. That is why the first goal of our work in the church is that as many people as possible come to know God.

Evangelisation, Serving others

God Himself constantly advocates for the salvation and good of mankind. In the same way, it is also the mission of the church and of every Christian to help others in their spiritual, emotional and physical needs.


What does this mean for us? The church exists to serve others (the world).

Mt 28:16-20 / 1Tim 2:4 / Acts 1:8 / Luk 24:47-49

Goal: Building relationships, rescuing the lost, growing the church for the glory of God.

Our Values

The 10 fundamental values

The Bible

We are convinced that biblical teaching is powerful and changes the lives of individuals and the church.. (2Tim 3:16-17 / James 1:23-25)

A God of love

We are convinced that God cares about people who are lost, and that is why the church should also care.

(Luk 5:30-32 / Luk 15 / Mt 18:14)

The church

We are convinced that the church must be relevant in society without losing its identity and teaching. (1 Cor 9:19-23)

Life in Christ

We are convinced that Christ’s disciples should long for an authentic life and continuous spiritual growth. (Eph 4:25-26,32 / Heb 12:1 / Phil 1:6)


We are convinced that the church is a community of servants who unite their spiritual gifts to serve the world. (1Cor 12 y 14 / Rom 12 / Eph 4 / Psa 133:1)


We are convinced that brotherly love must permeate all areas of church life. (1Cor 13 / Jn 13:34-35)


We are convinced that small groups are conducive to conversion and spiritual growth. (Acts 2:44-47)


We are convinced that excellent work glorifies God and encourages the individual. (Col 3:17 / Mal 1:6-14)


We are convinced that the church must be led by those who have the gift of leadership. (Neh 1 and 2 / Rom 12:8 / Acts 6:2-5)

Lives given

We are convinced that an absolute dedication to Christ and his cause is the norm for every Christian. ( Ki 11:4 / Phil 2:1 / 2 Cor 8:5)

Church Council

Dominik Seeger


Pablo López Bernal

Pastor in formation

Erica Rivero Luschnat

Deaconess for Christian counselling and deaconry

Adriana Loza Belen


Elisabeth Amolsch

Deaconess for organisation

Carlos Fariñas

Diacono for finances

Our finances

We are a donation-driven organisation

We have different expenses, which must be taken care of so that we can continue to function and work in the work of the Lord. Some of the expenses that we have and that you can help us with are as follows:

Material for one children's service · 5€

One food package · 15€

Coffee for one month · 30€

1 paella for a church event · 50€

Power for one month · 100€

Support for the pastor in formation · 200€

Bank transfer

This is our bank account where you can deposit the offering that God puts in your heart to support our church.

Iglesia Cristiana Evangélica del Sur – Maspalomas
Bank account at BBVA:BIC: BBVAESMM

IBAN: ES73 0182 7566 0302 0170 7894

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We also have PayPal to receive your contributions.

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